Wiggins Plastics is dedicated to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Wiggins Plastics Means Continuous Improvement.

Wiggins Plastics was founded in 1948, on the principle of providing high quality, competitive pricing and on time delivery. Wiggins is centrally located in New York. The facility has been continually modernized and is one of the largest custom molders of electronic, electrical and mechanical components in the east.

Quality Assurance

Wiggins Plastics Wiggins Plastics

We have a commitment to continuous improvement using the ISO 9000 standard as that platform. To that end, management continuously monitors key quality objectives, all of which are designed to enhance product, service, and overall quality.


Wiggins Plastics Wiggins Plastics

Every new part is given a first piece dimensional inspection, in addition to periodic dimensional checks during production. We conduct ongoing inspections in our molding and secondary operations to guarantee the highest product quality and adherence to specifications.

ISO 9000 Certification

Wiggins Plastics Wiggins Plastics

The natural outgrowth of our earlier quality systems was the development and implementation of an ISO 9000 Quality Management System. We were initially registered in April 2001 and have maintained registration continuously since then. 


Wiggins Plastics Wiggins Plastics

Wiggins Plastics has over 30 years experience in the Injection Molding of Thermosetting plastics, and state-of-the-art equipment at our facility to support you in your projects.


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