Our customers benefit from lower cost, increased productivity, consistent quality, and product reliability.

Partnered with Designers to Achieve Your Goals.

Wiggins works hand in hand with a team of experienced industrial designers, which can greatly benefit your product development. Our experience in a variety of different manufacturing process and materials can aid in the successful development of a complete product. A critical eye for appropriate product aesthetics and ergonomics will insure customer satisfaction. This partnership, allows for the refinement of your existing products, as well as, the development of your “blue sky” concepts.

Engineering Services


Wiggins Plastics Wiggins Plastics

Machine Robots with “End of Arm Tooling & Pickers”; and Secondary automation, all constructed in-house, assure lower part costs and consistent quality.


Wiggins Plastics Wiggins Plastics

Wiggins Plastics has state of the art software for converting your part files and designs into tooling, assuring an accurate interpretation of the design. Whether it is a complicated tool requiring “mold-flow” analysis, or a simple prototype, your needs can be met using Hardened Steel, Pre-hard, or Aluminum tooling.

Reverse Engineering

Wiggins Plastics Wiggins Plastics

Have a part, and no print or file? Let Wiggins take that part “Reverse Engineer” it, and digitize it into a working 3-D computer model, which can then be tested and turned into a prototype part or mold.

Assembly Offers


Wiggins Plastics has the capability of the “in-house” manufacture of fully automated finishing and assembly machines used in the production of completed assemblies, consisting of molded and non-molded components.

Complex Parts

Wiggins Plastics has assembly capabilities, whether it be for small electronic parts or more complex large multi-part assemblies. Methods of assembly include heat staking, sonic welding, snap fits, and all manner of fasteners.


Wiggins can provide complete packaging of component assemblies or consumer products, bar coded. Two examples of that are finished “packouts” to customers specifications of bedframe components, and consumer products in 4 color packaging.


Wiggins Plastics capabilities for part decoration include Pad Printing, Hot Stamping, Silk Screening, Painting, and Labeling.